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Emergency Dentist Near Me

Our practice is located in the easily accessible location of Dorridge, which is next to Solihull, in the West Midlands. We offer emergency appointments subject to availability to asses your teeth and help get you out of pain. Our emergency fees are £45 plus the cost of treatment. If we are able to, we will treat you there and then, but if additional work is required and a longer appointment is needed, we will temporise the afflicted areas and book you in for treatment.

At our clinic we offer an extensive range of treatments to meet a wide range of needs. If an emergency situation leads to an eventual extraction of a tooth or multiple teeth, we will discuss with you the possibilities of gap management options. When it comes to replacing a tooth, our gold standard way is through the use of dental implants. These are titanium or ceramic pegs that are surgically placed into your jawbone and are then used to secure in your new teeth (whether it be an overdenture or single porcelain crowns).

If your not keen on going down the implant route, we do also offer other options to replace missing teeth, such as bridge work and dentures. Not every treatment we offer will be suitable for every patient we see. There will be certain scenarios where a type of treatment will not be possible and it is recommended to go down another route. For example, implants do require sufficient bone to be in the jaw for them to be successfully placed. If you are a smoker we wouldn’t be able to place implants as smoking can cause them to fail.

We will provide you with the options that are suitable and what each option will mean to you. To book your emergency appointment please do not hesitate to call us today.

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