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Teeth Implants Vs Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can be troublesome for both aesthetic reasons as well as functional. Without all your teeth it can cause issues when eating your favourite food as well as affecting your speech. The obvious affects on your aesthetics is down to how it will appear to other people and it can also knock your self confidence.

When deciding to replace missing teeth there can be a number of different options that may be suitable.

Secure Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are a secure way to replace missing teeth. They comprise of a titanium or ceramic pegs that are placed within your jawbone. These then act as replacement roots that will hold the new tooth or teeth in place. The process of getting implants can take between 3-6 months as there needs to be a healing period to allow for the area where the implants were placed to heal.

Bridging a Gap

If you have a gappy smile and you are not too keen on the implant route, then a bridge may be a more preferred option for you. Depending on where the gap is or how many teeth you have missing, the type of bridge that will best meet your needs can vary from one patient to the next. A bridge is effectively a restoration that comprises of two main parts – the bridge, and the pontics. The pontics are effectively false teeth that are attached to the bridge. The way the bridge is then fitted in your mouth will depend on what type of bridge it is and where the gaps are. We will explain this in more detail at the free consultation once we have assessed your case.

It is possible to go for the best of both words and have an implant retained bridge, which will be more suitable for areas in the mouth that does not have adjacent teeth.

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