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How Many Veneers Do I Need?

Dental veneers are very much a cosmetic treatment that are geared towards creating that perfect hollywood cosmetic smile. It is possible to go for the very white and sparkling smile that may look more unnatural and unrealistic to natural teeth, but can often be very sought after. But if you are after the more natural perfect smile which doesn’t look as sparkly as the hollywood smile, this is also possible as well.

We always tend to opt for a more natural looks that suits your personality and overall look. Everyone is different and the treatments we offered will always be different and tailored to each individual. For example, the dental veneers we provide to a twenty year old patient will look different to a fifty year old patient (unless that is what the fifty year old patient is after). Designing the perfect smile is very much a two way process where the patient can and will have a lot of input on what they would like to see. Your treatment will not be completed until you are happy with how they look.

When having veneers it is important to understand that the amount you will need (for the ideal look), will vary depending on your mouth. If you have a very broad and big smile, then you will require more veneers to complete the smile. If you only veneer the front few teeth but miss the side teeth that also show when you smile, it can make the smile look very odd and draw attention away from your nice new veneers.

Equally if you have a very narrow smile then you won’t need to have as many teeth veneered as they won’t show when you smile.

To find out more information on the different types of dental veneers please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.

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