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Who Makes Dentures?

If you face the unfortunate situation of needing a denture, you may have some questions relating to who makes the actual denture.

There can be quite often a negative stigma associated with getting dentures. This comes down to traditional dentures which may of not been necessarily made specifically for you, meaning they are ill fitting, not as functional and not very comfortable.

This is very much a thing of the past. All of our dentures are custom made and made specifically for your mouth. Everyone is different, and this couldn’t be truer for our mouths. Mouths can vary quite a lot from one person to the next. Mouths come in different sizes and shapes. Careful measurements need to be taken so the base of the denture will snugly fit on top of your jaw bone ridges. When a denture is well fitted, it will remain more stable than an ill fitting denture. This is because the connection between the base of the denture and your ridges, will cause a suction between the two and they will fit comfortably in place.

This is very much a removable option, which will allow you to remove the teeth at night to give your gums a rest (dentures need to be kept in water overnight). If you are looking for a more secure and stable option, then overdentures may be more suitable for you. This is when implants are placed into your jawbone (can be done under IV sedation). The denture is then securely fitted on top and are connected via abutments. We offer free consultations so we can assess your current situation and discuss the suitability of treatments we are able to offer.

We work closely with a local clinical dental technician who makes our dentures. He is able to meet the patients and see them through each step of the treatment up until the final fit of the denture. By seeing you, he is able to really capture the type of denture you are looking for and can make alterations to really meet your needs.

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