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Are Dental Implants Safe?

When placed by a trained professional then yes. Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that offers stability and security. They are considered the gold standard method for tooth replacement due to the benefits they offer.

At our clinic we would never place implants unless we deemed you are suitable for them. Unfortunately not everyone will be suitable for this treatment and does depend on several factors. To successfully place dental implants there needs to be sufficient volume of bone to be placed into and for the bone and implant to fuse correctly.

If you smoke we wouldn’t offer implants as they have been linked with dental implants failing. We always advise smokers this would only be a viable option if they were to successfully quit, as smoking can lead to bone loss.

Is There A Guarantee With Implants?

There is no guarantee’s with implants or other dental treatments. They all have associated risks involved and we clearly outline what the treatment will involve and if you would be happy with proceeding. Our promise to the patient is that if they are viable to have implants and they go for the treatment, they will leave our clinic with a fully functioning replaced tooth or teeth.

The reason why there is no guarantee’s is because of all the environmental factors that can occur when you leave our clinic. For example accidents, trauma to the mouth, taking up of bad habits such as smoking. As a practice we will only ever place implants if we are happy they are going to be a suitable and successful option without any of the above happening.

It is also then important to attend your regular check ups to ensure that your teeth remain healthy. Your teeth are very similar to cars and with good regular care, they can last longer.

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