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Whats The Difference Between a Denture and a Bridge

denture is a removable restoration that is used to replace multiple missing teeth. They are custom made to fit your mouth, on your bone ridges, to ensure it is a comfortable and precise fit. It is important that precision is the key here as any slight measurement out can make the denture not feel as comfortable.

Dental bridges are a fixed restoration that provides good support to the bridge of your mouth. Like the name suggest, it is a bridge that can cover an area in your mouth.

Why Have A Bridge Over A Denture?

One of the first benefits associated with bridges is the fact they act like the natural bridge in your mouth. They offer great overall support to your mouth and surrounding teeth. You will have functionality back as it will be a fixed option, allowing you to taste and eat your food better. Your mouth will tolerate it better and it can provide some excellent aesthetics.

When Will a Bridge Not Be Suitable?

Dental bridges may not be suitable in cases for full arch replacements. Bridges are used to replace an area in the mouth and does require adjacent teeth for them to be fixed onto. When you have no remaining teeth left there wouldn’t be any where for the bridge to go unless you had an implant retained bridge. This is quite simply when implants are placed into the jawbone and the bridge is secured on top (considered the gold standard in tooth replacement).

Dentures are removable and can replace both upper and lower arches. They do not require any teeth in the mouth, but some partial dentures can be used to replace multiple missing teeth (if that is the recommended course of treatment).

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