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What Is A Maryland Bridge?

Dental bridges are a traditional treatment used for replacing missing teeth. They comprise of a bridge with pontics (fake teeth) on top. The bridge is then placed in your mouth and will bridge a gap. The pontics will be your new teeth and will restore the functionality and aesthetics in your mouth. Traditional bridges need the teeth either side of a gap to be prepared for the bridge to then go on top. A Maryland bridge works in a different way:

What’s The Difference?

Unlike traditional bridges, a maryland will have wings on either side of the bridge. These wings are dentally cemented onto the backs of your adjacent teeth to the gap and will hold the maryland bridge in place. One of the main benefits with this method is that it can be quicker to fit and will be less destructive to your surrounding teeth. As dentists we always prefer to keep your natural teeth in tact for as long as possible. When you need crowns or dental bridges it can start to mean that there will be tooth preparation required, which is effectively when healthy bits of the tooth structure is shaved off to allow for the restoration on top.

In some cases, even though the teeth will need to be prepared, it is advisable this will be the best form of treatment for you.

Other Solutions

Another option that is proving to be more and more popular is the fixed option of having an implant retained bridge. This is when implants are carefully placed into your jawbone and then a dental bridge restoration is secured on top.

We are able to offer a wide range of different treatments to meet many different patients needs. To find out what the most suitable option will be for you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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