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I Have An Angular Impacted Wisdom Tooth

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, there may be an associated pain. We will need to examine your tooth and see if the tooth will need to be removed (extracted).

What Are The Other Types Of Impaction?

Vertical impaction – This is when the tooth grows down and impacts the next tooths root
Angular impaction – This is also known as mesial impaction – the tooth comes out pointing towards the front of the mouth and is directly impacted against the side of the next tooth
Horizontal impaction – The tooth is completely horizontal and goes into the next tooths root
Distal impaction – This is when the tooth grows in the other direction to the adjacent tooth and becomes lodged in an incorrect position

All of these impactions can cause discomfort and pain. We will asses your case and decide if it is in your best interest to have the tooth removed. In some instances, you can experience pain from the initial impaction and it can cause subsequent headaches. It may cause some discomfort for a couple of weeks and then settle down. If this is the case, your dentist may advise that an extraction is not needed.

If your wisdom tooth is partially emerged, they can be more susceptible to infection and in this instance it may be more suitable to have the tooth extracted.

Each case is different and will have different needs, we will always asses you on an individual basis and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. To find out more information, please do not hesitate to book an appointment today.

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