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Enlighten Teeth Whitening Solihull

If you are not happy with the colour or shade of your teeth, you may be contemplating having them whitened. At our clinic we offer a few different methods to whiten and brighten teeth.

This is very much a cosmetic dental treatment, aimed at improving the overall aesthetics of your smile.

The different systems we offer include:

Home teeth whitening
Zoom laser whitening
Kor whitening
Internal whitening
Combination whitening

As part of the home whitening package, you can either go for Polanight or Enlighten.

Polanight Vs Enlighten

The whitening solution we offer is the same strength as each other. The main difference being, is they way it is manufactured and then shipped out to the dentist. Enlighten undergoes a more rigorous and strict protocol through each stage of the process, which means, it is a far more superior whitening gel and gives noticeably better results than polanight. We consider the home whitening system with enlighten to be the gold method of whitening your teeth.

How Does The System Work?

The system will comprise of two main parts. The custom made trays (which we will have made at our laboratory) and whitening gel. The trays are accurately taken by impressions of your teeth. These are then sent to a dental lab who will fabricate your plastic trays. When we have them back we will give them for you to try in. You will then leave with the trays, instructions and whitening gel.

The initial whitening is usually done over a 10-14 day period but the dentist will advise what will be the best thing to do in your particular case. Before you put the trays in, you will need to carefully put a small amount of whitening gel into each compartment of the trays and then wear the trays. Your teeth will start to whiten while you can carry on with every day tasks.

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