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Can Retainers Straighten Teeth?

If you have wonky, crooked, uneven teeth, you may be looking at a way to correct them. Retainers are used at the end of an orthodontic treatment to retain your teeth in their new straight position. Unfortunately retainers cannot be used to straighten teeth. Retainers are made at the end of the braces treatment using impressions of your teeth as they are when the brace comes off. This is so when you get the retainers they are the right shape for straight teeth. We double up on retention by using both fixed and removable retainers. The fixed retainers are fitted to the backs of your teeth and will be hidden by your teeth. The removable retainers look like clear mouth guards and are used to be worn every night while you sleep.


Retention is very important after treatment as the natural thing your body will want to do is to revert back to how the teeth were before being straightened. As a practice we work on the principle that the retainers should be worn indefinitely following any orthodontic treatment.

Which Braces Are Best For Me?

This is very much a loaded question as there are now many different systems available that can be used to straighten teeth. Some cases may require a certain type of brace where as some may be more straight forward and can be completed by another. We offer free consultations so we can asses you teeth and identify what options will best meet your needs. It may be possible to offer you a couple of options that will be suitable to get you to the end result you want, but these may have some different benefits e.g. clear braces, invisible aligners, removable braces etc.

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