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Airflow Teeth Whitening Review

Airflow jet polishing is a more natural way to clean your teeth and to also tackle stubborn stains. It is a mixture of bi-carbonate, water and air-pressure which blasts your teeth.

It is a painless procedure. The intensity of the pressure is able to tackle those particularly tough stains and can prove to be very effective at enhancing the look of your teeth.

The first part of the treatment is for the hygienist to scale the teeth. This is so when the airflow is used, it will not be polishing any hard bits of plaque that would of been removed from the scaling. It will be polishing your actual teeth.

Airflow Before Teeth Whitening

If you are looking at getting your teeth whitened, then having an airflow polish beforehand may be recommended. This is only really applicable for cases that have deep staining on the fronts of your teeth, stains that have been identified that can be effectively removed through an airflow polish.

Free Smile Consultations

The airflow polish can be carried out by both a dentist and hygienist professional. Teeth whitening is only available through a dentist. If your not happy with the aesthetics of your smile and would like to discuss options, the first step would be to book in with one of the dentists for a free consultation.

At the consultation they will be able to examine your teeth and explore what options would meet your needs. With modern dentistry, there can now be multiple different options to solve certain treatment problems. We understand every patient is different, so there is no one size fits all solution for each patient, so you will be treated as an individual.

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