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What Are Ceramic Dental Implants?

Ceramic dental implants are the latest advancement in the implants market. They are effectively the same as the metal implants but with a few key differences.

Difference Number 1 – Material

The main difference is the most obvious one. They are made out of a ceramic material rather than a titanium material. Even though the titanium material is safe to use in the mouth and is the same type of metal used in hip replacements and artificial limbs, we understand some patients simply prefer to not have any metal in their mouth.

Difference Number 2 – Colour

Because the metal materials are a metal type colour which is quite dark, they need to be placed further into the bone so it doesn’t give the restoration teeth a dark shadow (which is not aesthetically pleasing). With ceramic implants they are able to be placed not as deep into the jawbone as they are a white ceramic material and will blend in with your new teeth.

Difference Number 3 – Placement

Due to how deep the metal implants need to be placed, it does mean it requires a greater bone density for the implants to be placed in. With ceramic implants they do not need to be placed just as deep, meaning they can be used for cases who may have very little bone to place implants in (case dependent).

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