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Why Visit The Dentist Regularly?

It is quite common and not unheard of for patients to only really attend a dentist appointment, when something is not quite right, or they are in lots of pain. We will always endeavour in the first instance to get the patient out of any pain and identify where the root cause of the pain is.

The reason why it is important to attend regular check up and oral hygiene appointments with the dental hygienist is so we can check that everything is fine with your mouth and for the hygienist to reduce the build up of plaque and tartar (which leads to cavities).

When you start to feel pain, it is a clear indicator that something is not quite right. The reason for this pain can be down to a number of reasons, such as cavities appearing and infection setting in. At regular dental appointments, we will be able to address cavities and stop infection from setting in before it has even begun.

Your natural teeth are very important and maintaining them for as long as possible is always our main priority. Even though modern dental restorations are very effective, they will never be as good as your own natural tooth – they will always be a foreign entity when compared to your natural tooth structure. Responding to pain by seeing the dentist is a more responsive approach rather than a proactive approach of attending regular check ups and keeping on top of your dental health.

We understand that some of the more popular reasons for not attending can be down to being nervous. Our dental team are highly trained and patient to deal with all types of nervous patients, and will help to overcome your fear together. Cost is always another barrier to private treatment. Even though it does cost money to attend regular checks up, by being proactive and stopping problems before they occur, the cost involved with treatment problems once pain has set in and the condition has worsened, will always be far higher than general routine care.

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