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White Fillings In Solihull

Fillings are quite a typical and standard treatment that dentists offer. They are important as they will be used to fill up any cavities in your teeth. Cavities are holes that appear in the teeth when your teeth have suffered from decay.

Decay occurs when bacteria builds up on your teeth, which turns into an acidic substance, and eats into the structure of your teeth. The best way to prevent tooth decay is by practising a healthy oral hygiene routine, where you brush, floss and use mouth wash.

One of the main culprits of tooth decay is caused by what you eat and drink. Sugary foods and drinks are often the worse culprits in causing cavities.

What To Do When A Cavity Appears

When a cavity appears, the best course of action is to have a filling. This will help fill up the hole and prevent an infection from reaching the nerve of your teeth. One of the big concerns of having holes in the teeth, is the fact that infections can occur and can go deep into the tooth, causing pain and in the worst case scenarios, killing the tooth.

Why White Fillings

Traditionally, silver fillings used to be the most common type of filling used to fill up cavities. Nowadays, we opt for a more friendly option, that does not contain amalgam, such as composite white fillings. These will act like normal fillings, but they will also blend in with your smile so you don’t have any noticeable fillings in your mouth.

If you have the old style of fillings and would like to improve the cosmetics of your smile as well, we also offer amalgam removal, where we will safely remove your silver fillings, and replace them with white composites.

To find out more information and see if white fillings are suitable for you, please book your free consultation today.

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