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Do I Need To Have My Tooth Extracted?

If you have started to experience a lot of pain with a tooth, then you may be considering having it extracted. An extraction is when the dentist surgically and carefully removes the afflicted tooth from your mouth.

In the first instance, we will always evaluate to see if the tooth can be saved. Even though modern restorations are very good at what they do, we understand that nothing will ever be as good as your own natural teeth. We will always explore the options of saving your tooth, which may involve a root canal to save the afflicted tooth.

What If My Tooth Is Not Saveable

In the worst case scenario that your tooth cannot be saved, we will always discuss with you (prior to the extraction) gap management options. There are multiple reasons why it is important to consider gap management options – the most obvious reason is aesthetics, especially if it is one of your front teeth. The other reasons, which are not as obvious, is the detrimental affects that occurs in your mouth after you have lost a tooth. This is known as bone resorption, which is a natural affect, where the area of the missing tooth, starts to fade away and deteriorate – which unfortunately has a knock on effect on your surrounding teeth, as they can become loose and start falling out themselves (the speed at this affects us will vary from person to person).

There are now multiple options that are available when it comes to replace a missing tooth. One of the most exciting and modern ways to do this, is through the use of dental implants. Implants are titanium or ceramic pegs that are placed into the jaw bone (can be done under sedation). They will act as the new roots of your new tooth restoration. The false tooth, bridge, or denture, will then be attached to the implants for a secure tooth replacement option.

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