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Why Get a Dental Bridge?

dental bridge is a method of replacing an area in your mouth which you have lost multiple teeth. Like the name, it is used to replace the natural bridge in your mouth. The bridge will be fully loaded with false teeth, such as porcelain crowns.

How Are Bridges Fitted?

This will depend on which option you have decided to go for. In some instances, an implants retained bridge may be ideal for you. This is when dental implants are placed into your jawbone and the bridge is then securely attached on top. Depending where the gap is in your mouth, another alternative bridge may be a Maryland bridge. This is a dental bridge that has two pontic wings on either side and are used to attach to each adjacent tooth. Another type of dental bridge is known as a cantilever bridge – this is when the bridge is supported by only one tooth on one side.

What Option Will Be The Most Suitable For Me?

Everyone is different and there needs are different. The way you have come to have lost the tooth or teeth may also be different too. Each case is unique, so the best option for you will be different to the next patient. We offer free consultations so we can assess your current case to identify which will be the most suitable option for you. When considering gap management options, it is important to to take into account the three main aspects – functionality, aesthetics and comfortability. We endeavour to always provide an option that will be comfortable (and fit into your lifestyle), the looks of the final restoration (natural and beautiful), and how they function.

Replacing missing teeth is important to improve your quality of life. Your new teeth will be made to function like your original teeth, so you do not have to worry about your teeth letting you down. To find out more information, please book your free consultation today.

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