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What Are Dental Bridges Used For?

If you have lost a tooth due to an accident or natural reasons, you will be faced with not only an unsightly gap, but a problem which can affect the overall functionality of your mouth e.g. chewing capacity, speaking etc.

Dental bridges are a treatment that can bridge the gap between teeth. The adjacent teeth to the gap will act as the supports of the bridge. Gap management is an important factor to take into consideration for when you have a missing tooth. When a tooth is missing, the affected areas bone will start to fade away (known as bone resorption) and deteriorate. The speed of which the bone fades away will vary from person to person. The main reason why this is a cause for concern is because the surrounding teeth around the site of the missing tooth can start to feel loose because of the bone deterioration – which can ultimately lead to more teeth falling out.

How Are Dental Bridges Held In Place

Dental bridges can either be fixed or removable. Both options offer advantages and disadvantages and may be suitable for certain types of situations (which we would discuss in full at the free consultation). All the bridges we make will look natural and blend in with the patients natural teeth.

Fixed Bridges

Traditional Bridges – The teeth either side of the site will need to be crowned and the bridged tooth will be cemented on to be fixed in place.

Resin Bridges – If crowns are not a preferred option, there is a treatment which uses metal bands and dental resin to fix the bridged tooth in place.

Cantilever Bridge – This is when the bridge is anchored onto only one tooth (usually the molars in the back of the mouth).

Removable Bridges

The removable tooth has wires either side to be used to attach and anchor on the adjacent teeth. This option allows for the patient to effectively take the bridge off and clean underneath. Consistent and effective cleaning is always recommended to ensure the longevity of your natural teeth and any crowns or bridges you may have.

Secure Dental Bridges

Even though there are option to have your dental bridges fixed, we also offer a more permanent and secure option (which also aids healthy bone regeneration). This is through the use of dental implants. The implants will act as the root of the missing tooth and will integrate with the jaw bone. Giving the patient functionality, stability and good aesthetics.

If you are unsure which treatment will be the most suitable for you, please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation.

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