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How To Prevent Tooth Ache

At our clinic we quite often see patients coming to us complaining of tooth ache. We offer emergency dental appointments (subject to availability) to accommodate new and existing patients, to help relieve them of their pain as soon as possible.

The best method to prevent tooth ache (or greatly reduce the chances of getting it), is by undertaking a healthy oral hygiene regime. Brushing and flossing your teeth as well as using mouthwash isn’t just to help your teeth look clean and breath smell fresh, but also to help clean any potential harmful bacteria in your mouth.
On a daily basis our mouths come into contact with many different bacteria. Whether it be putting something in our mouth to hold (e.g. house keys, paper, pens etc) or by even putting your fingers in your mouth. Every day house hold and office items are very likely to have come into contact with bacteria which are then directly put into your mouth.

Its inevitable that your mouth does acquire bacteria during the day and unfortunately the mouth can be a great breeding ground for the bacteria to grow! This is when a good oral hygiene really does help. By maintaining a regular mouth cleaning ritual, you will be effectively washing away the bacteria off your teeth and around your gums.

How Does Bacteria Cause Tooth Ache?

As bacteria grows in the mouth it can actively attack your gums and teeth which can result in pain. Bacteria is a common cause of tooth decay which does lead to tooth sensitivity and pain. When you start to experience pain we always recommend that you call us to book your emergency appointment as soon as possible. The longer this is left, the more painful it can become a bigger problem. In severe cases, this could eventually lead to gum disease.
Your oral hygiene regime is very effective and must be kept up every day to ensure you protect your gums and natural teeth for as long as possible. Even though this does help greatly reduce the chances, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will never experience pain. As we eat food can quite easily become trapped in our teeth. If this isn’t cleaned properly it can become a breeding ground for bacteria which leads to pain.
When bacteria is left for longer periods of time it will eventually turn to plaque and tartar which is a hard substance to clean with normal brushes. At this stage it will require a professional clean by a hygienist who will be able to get into those tough to reach places and tackle stubborn stains.

Preventative Dentistry

As part of our service of treating patients, we always try to educate them as well. Prevention is always the best method of treatment. What this means is its always best to put measures in place to stop problems from ever occurring as your natural teeth (if healthy) will always be better than the cure e.g. a natural healthy tooth is always better than a dental crown.


We have put together a denplan package which offers our patients an affordable way to have private treatment and help greatly reduce the chances of problems from occurring. Our plans have been put together with the essential dental care you should have each year so we can ensure your dental health is maintained through the year – at the check ups we will be able to spot any potential problems and help prevent them before they occur.
To find out more about our plans please do not hesitate to call us today.

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