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How Much is Invisalign?

Are you thinking about using Invisalign braces to correct misplaced teeth? When you are young, you don’t think about the cost of paying for braces, but most adults in the UK need to cover the cost of these devices, and work out the full price, before they start the process. The cost of having braces fitted will vary depending on how severe your case is.

Invisalign are a type of aligner, which depending on your case could involve a series of 30 aligners to be worn over a period of time. The longer it is expected to complete your case the more aligners in the series you will require, which will have an increase on the overall cost.

At the free consultation we will be able to give you an estimated treatment completion time, costs and how many aligners you will need to achieve your goals.

What Is Involved With Invisalign?

If you have decided that you want Invisalign braces, then you need to be aware of the process which is involved with this device, and how you should use it to get the most out of it. Invisalign is not a single brace, but is in fact a series of removable braces which looks similar to gum shields, and are called ‘aligners’. These are custom-made to fit your teeth, and are replaced approximately every fortnight (case dependant), with the aligners in a slightly different shape so that your teeth are moved gradually towards the designed placement. This can take a few months, or it can take more than a year. Naturally, the cost of this process will depend very much on how long it takes and how many aligners you need to complete your treatment.

One of the main benefits of Invisalign is fewer visits to the dentist office. When you leave you will be given a couple of series of the aligners which you will then need to change every few weeks to progress your treatment.

What Is a Typical Cost For This Process?

This is very much case dependent as no cases are identical. It will solely depend on how severe your teeth are. What we mean by this is how long it would take to have your teeth neatly aligned. Invisalign works on gradual movement so the aligner you are currently wearing will be gently moving your teeth a step closer to being straight. When the aligners start to feel not as snug as they once was, this will be a good indication you need the next aligner in the process (generally speaking, this will be every 2 weeks).

Invisalign does typically take longer than fixed braces but offers the main advantage that it is very discrete and can be taken out for eating, drinking and even on social occasions when you may need to deliver a speech! We always advise patients to wear the aligners for the majority of the day as the longer they are left out, the longer it will take for treatment to be completed.

We offer free invisalign consultations so we can examine your teeth and give you a time scale for how long it could take to be treated with Invisalign. We will also discuss other suitable options so you can make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.

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