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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost Per Tooth?

Dental implants are a secure method of replacing missing teeth. They will act as the root of a tooth, which then anchors in the porcelain crown on top. It is quite a common misconception that for each individual tooth you have missing, you will then need to have the same amount of implants for replacement teeth.

How Many Implants Will I Need?

This is very much dependent on where your missing teeth are. If you have a gappy smile and the gaps are not next to each other, then you will need to have a dental implant per gap. But for example, if you have three missing teeth which are adjacent to each other. It may be possible to have two dental implantswhich then bridge the gap (case dependent).

If you have a more severe case when you need to fully replace a full arch of teeth, then it could be 4-6 implants that are needed with an overdenture securely attached. What option will be the most suitable for you will be very case dependent as it does depend on the exact case of your teeth.

I’m Unsure What Treatment Is Best For Me

Knowing which treatment will be the most suitable for you can be quite difficult to determine, as modern dentistry allows for many different options now. We offer free consultations so we can assess your teeth (and gaps) to see which options are available to you. We will be able to examine your gaps and determine what restorations will be possible and how many implants will be needed to achieve your goals.

Affordable Monthly Payment Plans

Dental implants are considered the platinum option for replacing missing teeth as they offer stability and other benefits. As a result, this options tends to be have higher costs associated with them. We offer 0% & low interest payment plans that can break up the overall treatment cost into affordable monthly payments. After the free consultation we will give you a detailed treatment plan outlining the associated costs, which can then be used to determine the monthly cost.

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