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How Effective Are Lingual Braces?

If you need to have braces fitted to your teeth to correct misalignment, there are several different options which the dentist could offer you. One alternative which is very popular with patients is the lingual brace. This is different from other styles of braces, as they are fitted to the backs of each tooth, rather than the front. This means that your braces are invisible to other people, which makes them perfect for adults who need to have teeth straightened, since it can do the job you require without any problems at all. A couple of the popular systems we offer are called ‘incognito‘ and STB braces. While they are a very popular choice with adults due to their invisibility, you may be concerned about their effectiveness, rather than concealment.

How Do Lingual Braces Work?

The key to the effectiveness of your braces lies in how they manipulate your teeth into their new position. Lingual bracesare positioned with the brackets on the opposite side of the tooth, and this means that they have to gently push and pull the teeth in completely different ways to get the right movement for your jawline. Lingual braces bond to the backs of teeth in exactly the same way as normal braces do to the front, gently pulling the teeth into the correct position. This means that they can be used as an alternative to standard braces, while you experience the benefit of having braces that can’t be seen.

Are They Really Effective?

Many adults are conscious of having braces, and so lingual braces can benefit them by allowing the patients to wear them continuously, every day, for as long as they are needed. This makes them more effective than some of the removable braces, for example, which can be taken out for a period of time and does require dedicated patient compliance to not prolong treatment time.

Lingual braces tend to be more effective than the clear tray aligners as they are a fixed solution. If you are interested in finding out more or to see if you are a suitable candidate, please do not hesitate to call us to arrange your free consultation.

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