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How Do Braces Move Teeth To Straighten Them?

Do you need to have your teeth straightened, and are waiting to have braces fitted? You may have many questions for your dentist which you would like to be answered before you have the braces put onto your teeth, but which you were reluctant to ask at the free consultation. One question which worries everyone who needs to have braces fitted is how their teeth with be straightened through the use of a little bit of wire and metal. It may seem like an impossible task, but many people don’t realise how these little pieces come together to move teeth from what seem like fixed positions.

Placement of the Braces

If you need to realign your teeth, then placement of the bracesis essential. The little pieces of metal are fixed to each individual tooth by your dentist, and then attached to the wire in such a way that they are gently pushing the teeth. This is known as the ‘force’ of the brace. Pushing the teeth changes the structure of the tissue which keeps each tooth in place, known as ligaments, stretching it on one side and compressing it with the other (known as tension and compression respectively). This movement gently pushes against the bone, so that where the side is stretched, the jaw puts in new bone cells. This is the hidden force of the brace which helps to move the teeth.

When the dentist fixes the braces into place, they are using a natural system to push the teeth into their new alignment. Some of the teeth are there to help the brace move the teeth, while others are the focus of the movement. The way that the brace sits in the mouth decides how the teeth will move.

Is This Process Painful?

In the initial instance when you first have the braces, they may feel slightly strange and you may also experience discomfort. However, this should ease within a few days, and you can ease the process by applying ice and numbing agents to the gum, relieving the pain until the compression has a chance to do its job.

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