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Can You Have a Lingual Brace and a Normal Brace At The Same Time?

It is quite common that your upper and lower arch may require different types of braces to meet your needs. In these instances, it is possible to have for example lingual braces on the upper arch and 6 month smiles on the lower (or vice versa). You wouldn’t need to have both types of braces on the same arch of teeth as it would be counter productive for each of the brace trying to correct your teeth.

Which Combination of Braces Would Meet My Needs?

This is very much case dependent as it does solely depend on what severity and situation your upper and lower teeth are in. At the free consultation one of our experienced orthodontic dentists will examine both arches to asses which options will be the most suitable to meet your needs. We are able to offer an extensive range of orthodontic treatments that enables us to treat many different types of teeth correctional needs.

Why Would I Need Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are quite different to traditional metal braces that are fixed on the fronts of the teeth. They are 100% hidden as they are bonded to the backs of the teeth. They use gentle forces to correctly align the patients teeth over a period of time. The treatment is designed to treat the front (visible) teeth of either the upper or lower arch. If more severe structural changes in the jaw is needed then a more suitable option may be damon braces.

Why Would I Need 6 Month Smiles?

We have had quite a few of our patients in the past who have had a combination of lingual braces and 6 month braces to achieve their teeth straightening needs. 6 month smiles are a cosmetic brace that have been designed to correct the teeth cosmetically. What this means is that it focuses on the visible part of the teeth rather than the roots and crown of the tooth. This means much quicker treatment times than other options. This is a fixed option on the fronts of your teeth. The braces can either be metal or clear ceramic to meet your needs.

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