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Can Dentures Be Adjusted?

If your once well fitted dentures are starting to feel loose and not as comfortable as they used to be, it might mean that your dentures are due for an adjustment. What this means, is the base of the denture needs to be relined to match the new measurements of your jaw line.

Why Do Dentures Need To Be Relined?

A common problem associated with loosing teeth is the affects it has on your jaw bone, which is known as bone resorption. The bone around the missing site of the tooth will start to fade away causing the once well fitting dentures to become loose and uncomfortable. The speed at which bone resorption affects patients will vary from person to person. The relining is a process where the clinical denture technician will take your existing denture and modify them to fit the new ridges of your jaw. We will assess your mouth to identify what needs to be done and if it is possible with your current denture.

Do Dentures Have To Be Relined?

When getting dentures it may put you off to know that in the future you might need a denture reline to adjust your dentures. If you are looking for a more permanent and stable option, then dental implants may be a more suitable option for you. The implants will act as anchors for your dentures to securely hold them in place. One of the main benefits associated with having dental implants, is the healthy bone growth it offers to the jawbone as they fuse together. What this means is, it can help combat the affects of bone resorption, allowing for you denture to remain comfortable and stable.

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If your denture are feeling uncomfortable and you would be interested in having it relined, or you are perhaps looking at a more permanent solution with dental implants, please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation.

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