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How To Speed up Tooth Straightening

Are you considering having a brace fitted to correct problems with your smile? If you want straight teeth, then the only thing holding you back may be the long-term wait for results. The conventional treatment for misaligned teeth will take between 2-3 years to correctly position teeth which have grown out of alignment, and may take longer if there are several teeth which need correcting. Two or three years with a lump of metal in your mouth might seem a long time for an adult to have to wear braces, and fortunately there are some other options which could shorten the time it takes to make your teeth straighter.

Faster options for teeth straightening

There are several ways in which your dentist can help to make your teeth straighter in a shorter time. One of the most familiar is the 6 Month Smile. These are ceramic braces which fit onto the outside of the teeth. They are tooth-coloured, so they are less obvious, but they are still slightly visible. Social 6 Lingual braces are a more discrete way of handling the situation, with the teeth being pushed into a straighter line from the back of the teeth. They are completely un-noticeable, and in some cases can take a couple of months to complete treatment (case dependant). The Inman aligner works in a similar way by pushing the teeth into position from the back. Inman Aligner cases can sometimes be completed in a matter of weeks!


Another popular option is the well-known AcceleDent which can be used alongside your orthodontic option. This is a process where a mouthpiece is fitted around the existing teeth, and then an activator is worn for about 20 minutes each day. It speeds up movement using soft pulsing technology, which helps to speed up your teeth straightening option (brace). Using Acceledent alongside braces can help to align the teeth faster, and can even shorten the treatment time by up to 5 months (case dependant).

Speeding up straightening

If you want to have any kind of orthodontic treatment, then you should also take steps to help yourself. This can speed up treatment on its own, without having to use speed braces or activators. It is a fact that the better care you take of your teeth, the more likely it is that your braces will be on for a shorter period of time. Our dentist and hygienist teams can help you to care for your teeth, reducing the build up of plaque and tartar.

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