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Are You Scared of The Dentist, But Wanting Dental Treatment?

If you have had a bad experience of the dentist in the past, and are now too scared to go, then you may have been putting off treatment for a long time. A small hole in a tooth can quickly get out of hand, and broken, chipped or lost teeth can occur. Our dental team can help anyone who needs a lot of dental treatment, but is nervous of dental work or of the dentist themselves. We can help you to relax, have a more pleasant experience, and get your teeth fixed so that they no longer hurt.

Overcoming Fear

The main problem with fixing your teeth if you have a fear of the dentist, is that you can’t relax. Even during the assessment visit, you may hold your tongue, jaw or lips in a position which means that our dentists can’t get a good look at the problem. You may also find that treatments including polishing or whitening are more uncomfortable because your muscles are tense. Fear of pain can increase the chances of experiencing pain, and this could be a significant problem if you are trying to overcome being scared of the dentist.

How We Can Help Our Patients

When you make an appointment to see our team, we can suggest a number of ways that you can overcome your fears and help both yourself and the dentist. One of the ways in which our team can help you is by offering IV sedation with your treatment. In this process, we give you an IV injection which then allows us relax you during your treatment – making an hour or two feel like ten minutes. This will help you to relax, and can ensure that you end up with a more positive outlook on dental work.

Can IV Treatment Help Me?

If you have never been offered IV treatment before, then you may not know whether it is the right option for you. We find that patients who need a lot of dental work really benefit from sedation, since it allows our dentists to work quickly, and with precision, and we can often complete 2 or 3 treatments in the time it usually takes us to complete one when the patient is alert. This means that when you need extensive dental reconstruction, our sedatives allow you to have fewer appointments, and fewer visits to the dentist, which can be ideal if you are nervous about the visit.

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