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Does Invisalign Work For Open Bites?

If you have a problem with the position of your teeth where you suffer from something known as an ‘open bite’, then you may have been advised to use braces to correct this problem. Open bite conditions may involve a number of different problems, from teeth not meeting in the centre of the mouth, to gaps between teeth, meaning that the teeth are not able to meet. You may have found that some foods are more difficult to chew upon due to this open bite, and that gaps between the teeth are obvious and unattractive. This type of dental problem is known as a malocclusion of the jaw. Your dentist may have recommended a few different types of brace to help you alter your bite, and one variety they may have chosen is the Invisalign brace.

What About Traditional Braces?

If you accept that you have a problem with your bite, then you may wonder whether traditional braces could help you instead. These may be a cheaper alternative to treat your open bite, but you may be after a more discrete treatment. We offer free consultations so we can assess your case and see which options will be the most suitable to meet your needs.

How can Invisalign help?

Invisalign can help you if you have an open bite, because they are designed to be fitted into the mouth and align the teeth naturally. The alignment is done through a number of stages, with a different aligner for each stage. It may be necessary to have around 30 aligners for each jaw in order to finish the treatment. It is important to note that the best success with Invisalign is seen in patients with an anterior overbite, where it changes the plan of the bite. The posterior overbite is harder to treat, with any kind of brace, and these patients might require a combination of surgery and braces to attempt to fix the problem.
Invisalign could be the ideal solution for you depending on how your teeth are. Do not hesitate to call us today and book your no obligation free consultation.

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