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Where in Coventry Can You Have Dental Work With Sedation?

If you are nervous or worried about having any kind of dental work, then one option to help ease your nerves is IV sedation. This is an easy solution for those who are nervous, and can help to reduce anxiety in the days leading up to the dental work, and gives the dentist freedom to complete the work without having to worry the patient. It also allows the dentist to complete up to multiple treatments in one session, perfect for those who need a lot of dental work but are worried about the treatment. It is also good for patients who may need a complicated dental treatment, such as dental implants.

IV Sedation: The Facts

If you have never had sedation from a dentist before, then you may be unsure about what kind of sedation it is, how it will affect you, and the treatments that are available with dental sedation in Coventry.
At our surgery, we offer a type of dental sedation which is injected intravenously into the patient. Under this type of sedation, you will be drowsy, but still able to hear the dentist and respond to requests. You will also be completely unaware of the sounds and smells or of the actual treatment, which does really help our anxious patients. The treatments will go quickly, and can feel like only a few minutes have passed while the dentist has actually performed complex and time-consuming treatments. IV sedation is perfectly safe for patients when operated by our skilled dentists.

Treatments available under IV sedation can be anything that needs to be performed by the dentist, including minor fillings, single extractions, multiple extractions, prepping the teeth for crowns, or even dental implant work. Any type of treatments that you can think of can be done using the IV sedation method.

Advantages in using IV treatments

There are several advantages to using IV treatments for both patient and dentist. The benefits for the patient include: increasing the calmness of the patient; reducing anxiety and nervousness which can mean that the patient can relax; less discomfort meaning that dental work is more pleasant; not fully under so you won’t need the same aftercare as for general anaesthetic. Patients may also lose any memory of the procedure after it happens, so the whole dental work will be completely trauma-free.
The advantages for the dentist include: attracting more patients – people come from near and far to have treatment under our IV sedation methods (as not every practice offers this); sedated patients helps dentists to work faster, and more accurately; its a more pleasant experience for patients often means a more pleasant experience for the dentist too.

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