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What Can You Do if You Are Scared of The Dentist?

If you want to visit the dentist, but fear is holding you back, then there are some ways that you can try to overcome that fear, and get more from your dental team. If you can overcome the fear, then you can make regular appointments that will benefit your dental health, and may even be a significant benefit to your mental health. Our dental team are always happy to help people who need advice and care from their dentists, and we can show you ways to stop being afraid of the dentist.

Seek Advice From Your Doctor

If you are seriously afraid of the dentist, rather than having a simple negative memory which is making you nervous of a similar experience in the future, then the first person that you should talk to is your doctor. There are many types of counselling and therapy available for people who are afraid of everyday things, and your doctor is likely to support any attempts to overcome dental phobia and anxiety. He may also offer you medications which can help you to relax while you are visiting your dentist, so that you feel calm and in control.

Take Natural Treatments

Many patients at our clinic have found that they have benefited from natural therapies, including relaxation scents and tablets, and calming music. The principle behind this is that patients often feel as though these calming treatments are giving them more control, and helping them to focus on other things beyond the appointment. Natural therapies also include deep breathing techniques and yoga, both of which help the patient to relax. Experts may also be able to offer distraction techniques such as reading, reciting a mantra, or focusing on something else while visiting the dentist.

Get Advice From The Dentist

Our dental team can offer you a range of advice about your experiences, including learning how to control your fears while you are at the dentist, talking to our patient co-ordinator to learn about treatments and what to expect at the dentist, and mild sedatives which will help you to relax during dental work. You don’t have to be afraid of our dental team, and we are always happy to help patients who are suffering with dental phobias. Talk to us today and seek our advice for serious anxiety about dental treatments.

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