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Can You Get Braces That Go Behind Your Teeth?

Do you need braces for the first time in your life? If you are an adult having to face being fitted with braces, it can be an unnerving and embarrassing experience. You may decide that you would like a more discrete version of the braces, and lingual braces are becoming more popular with people who want to keep their use of teeth straightening devices a secret. These braces are designed to fit on the rear surface of the teeth, close to the tongue, where they cannot be seen by others. You will know that you are wearing them, but no-one else needs to know.

Can Lingual Braces Help Straighten My Teeth?

Behind the teeth braces can help almost any patient who wants to conceal that they are using braces. They are fitted in exactly the same way as the standard brace, just in a different position. The lingual orthodontics method uses braces for the front teeth only. They are used to straighten out the first 6-8 teeth on your upper or lower jaw, without affecting the remaining teeth. This is perfect for people who have crooked front teeth and want to be able to smile with no worries.

Why Should I Choose Braces Behind The Teeth?

If you want to get a perfect smile without having to wear braces for months on end, then you might consider lingual braces. There are several reasons why these might be the best for you:

They use the latest technology to help ensure that your teeth are straightened accurately, and to the highest possible standard
With these braces, you can also get the individual parts of the brace made especially for your mouth, so that they fit in with your specific needs. They can take into account teeth which have particular requirements
Avoid damage to the exterior surface of your teeth, which can result in staining and decalcification
Avoid irritation to lips
Comfort: you may need a period of adjustment to get your tongue used to the braces, but after that there should be no problem
Can be made of various metals, useful to those with nickel alloy sensitivities
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