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Which Dentures Are The Best?

If you are losing a number of your natural teeth, then your dentist may want to offer you the chance to have dentures. Everyone is familiar with the traditional style of dentures, grandpa’s false teeth which used to sit in a glass of water on the nightstand, but not all modern dentures have to be like this. If you are losing your teeth early and don’t want to consider having a complete set of false teeth just yet, then you may want to learn about the different types of dentures, and try to find a set that work best for you.

Complete dentures

These are the full set that you would have seen in the past. There are two varieties of these, known as Immediate and Conventional. Which type you have will depend on when you have your dentures made. Immediate dentures, as the name suggests, are made prior to the teeth being extracted, and can be put into place on the same day. These are ideal for denture beginners, but will need to be replaced with Conventional dentures once the gums have shrunk back into the jawbone. The latter dentures require extensive fitting and adjustment, and even after this, they will still require replacement after one or two years of use.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are a more modern way of replacing lost teeth. In this case, the partial denture, also known as a bridge, is used when only a few teeth have been lost, and the majority of your natural teeth remain. The partial denture involves either a fixed bridge, which is used to span the gap between two teeth, and is fixed into place with dental cement. The other partial denture is fitted onto a pink plastic base, and can be removed easily. Partial dentures are the best alternative for most people who are losing teeth due to decay.

Alternatives to dentures

If you are still not sure about which types of dentures to use, then you should consider dental implants. These are false teeth which are secured into the gumline, and closely resemble natural teeth. Dental implants are very popular, although not everyone can be fitted for these dentures. They are also expensive, so patients will have to weigh up the potential advantages of having fixed teeth with the risks and the expense. If you can have this type of denture, it can be the best alternative.

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