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How To Keep Dentures In Place

If you have dentures, then you will know the struggle it takes to keep dentures in position. Eating, talking and even wearing them for long periods can all cause dentures to loosen in the mouth, and may even work themselves free at embarrassing times. Loose dentures are also more likely to get substances trapped below the plate, causing irritation and even swelling of the mouth plates, gums and jawline. Loose-fitting partial dentures can also put the rest of your natural teeth at risk. There are a few ways to solve this problem, and it is worth experimenting to find the right solution to your problem.

Using Fixatives Or Adhesives

One of the most basic ways of keeping dentures in place is to use fixatives or dental adhesives. These involve applying glue or powder to the underside of the dentures, or putting paste across the entire bottom of the dentures for pastes, and then biting down on the dentures until they are fixed in place. Fixatives and adhesives are not always very strong and chewing or drinking can loosen them until the dentures are no longer held in place. However, they can work for short periods. In addition, these fixatives cannot be used if the dentures have become loose due to gum reduction or poorly-fitting plates.

Use a Dental Implant

As many denture wearers find that they cannot keep their denture sets in place, many cosmetic dentists are now offering an alternative, known as dental implants. The purpose of these implants is to secure the dentures, and hold them in place for longer. Dental implants also restore the chewing and eating capacity of the natural human mouth, meaning that most dental users can return to their ordinary diet. Many others find that dental supports help to give them better speech, allowing them to have more confidence when talking to strangers. There are also other benefits to the dental implants, including the fact that they keep the dentures firmly held against the gums. This means that there is less irritation and annoyance, and so the gums do not become inflamed. This ensures that there is greater comfort for the denture user, and less chance of infection due to irritation. If you struggle with your ordinary dentures, and want help in holding them in place, then you need to consider the benefits of dental implants and dental replacements.

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