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How Are Six Month Braces Removed?

During six month smiles treatment, the average completion time tends to be from four to nine months. Following successful treatment, patients often wonder how their brace is going to be removed.
When the brace is bonded on, we use a composite-based luting cement to hold it in place, which is essentially a glue used on the brackets to glue to the teeth. The idea of this glue is so that it attaches to the enamel of the teeth, without causing any damage upon removal.

Simple Removal Process

We are asked on a regular basis by patients “How are these braces removed?” and the actual procedure is a lot simpler than patients think. Patients often think that because these are fixed to the teeth it’s going to hurt or cause damage to the actual enamel of their teeth, but in actual fact, the removal process can take seconds to minutes.

Final Appointment

When a patient arrives during their final appointment to have the brace removed, the appointment mainly revolves around if the patient is happy with their teeth and happy for us to remove the brace.
Once we have consent to remove the brace, we will use a de-bonding tool that will carefully lift the brackets off the teeth. This tool has been specifically designed to ensure that any pressure that’s put on the bracket is directly applied to only the bracket itself, rather than the patient’s teeth.
The brackets will then start to pop off (pain free), and as they do they will make a normal clicking noise. The noise can sometime be disconcerting for patients, but patients soon become used to the actual noise itself.
After we have removed the brackets, there will always be some residual glue left on the enamel of the teeth. We then use a special tool that is designed to safely remove the glue and not damage the enamel. This is very normal and nothing to be worried about and we always carry out procedures with the main goal of protecting the patients teeth.
After the glue is removed, the majority of our patients say that it feels very strange to not have the braces on, and they often find themselves running their tongue over their teeth – which is quite a nice feeling/experience for the patient.

Following this procedure we offer to all of our orthodontic patients (for free), re-contouring of the teeth. In most adult patients there tends to be some form of chips or blemishes which are on the edges of their teeth. So we tend to smooth these out or add some composite bonding to the teeth to give them a nice natural rounded finish.
Any unusual-shaped teeth can also be changed, and often we will remove any deposits of plaque or tartar from their teeth (which can cause tooth decay if left).

At this point, we will fit fixed retainers to the teeth. The majority of our patients tend to have fixed retainers, as this is one of the best ways to maintain the straightness of their teeth. The fixed retainers are predominantly on the front teeth in the arches – but fixed to the backs of the teeth (hidden). They go from the lower canine from one side to the lower canine on the right-hand side. On the upper, they similarly go across the front six teeth.

Once we have applied the fixed retainers, we take impressions of the teeth that are used to make our removable retainers (to be worn at night), which are then also used as the whitening trays (free whitening with ortho treatments).

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