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Protect Your Childs Teeth – Mouth Guards

Your child’s teeth and well being are very precious. We all know that you can put in place the very best measures to ensure that no harm comes to your child. But accidents can and will happen and even the very best prevention methods will not be 100% fail proof.

So What Can You Do?

You could be an overprotective parent which limits your child to the activities they participate in – but this is then going to affect their emotional and social development which are equally important as their well being.

Mouth Guards For Sport

Participating in sport at a young age is an integral part of a child’s personal & social development. Unfortunately with sport, accidents and knocks are quite a common occurrence – with teeth being one of the likely areas that could succumb to damage. In a worse case scenario, this could mean teeth being knocked out and as your child grows older, a missing tooth can start to make them feel very self-conscious, affecting them in social situations.
Mouth guards are a great way to ensure that if in the event their is a knock or accident while playing sport, your child’s teeth will be protected.

How Do Mouth Guards Work

When you suffer from a blow to the face the mouth guard will act as shock absorber for the teeth protecting them from fractures. The mouth guards will also protect the lips, cheek and tongue from any lacerations that could of occurred by being hit by the teeth.

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