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What Is The Average Cost Of A 6 Month Smile Treatment?

The 6 Month Smile treatment is a short term orthodontic treatment that is used to align teeth. The aim of the treatment is to straighten the front six teeth rather than change the bite itself. Generally treatment times can range from 4-9 months and as a results it is less costly than two year orthodontic treatments.

Range of Pricing

Costs of 6 Month Smile treatment range from typically £1,750 to £2,850 depending upon the complexity of the case and also whether we are treating just the upper teeth or both upper and lower teeth.

Whats Included in our 6 Month Smiles Program

At Ascent Dental Care Solihull we will include everything you require to take you from your current situation to straight white teeth. Most patients that want straight teeth will typically want to have their teeth whitened as well. So we include:

All orthodontic treatments
All adjustment visits
Teeth Whitening
Fixed/removable retainers
Followup review visit

What does a typical £1750 case look like?

The images below will give you some idea of what a simple single arch case that typically costs £1750.

What does a typical £2500 case look like?

The images below will give you some idea of a more comprehensive case where we are treating both arches. The case has taken longer to treat than the case above.

Free Consultations Available For 6 Month Smiles?

If you would like to find out more about 6 month smiles, please do not hesitate to call us to arrange your free consultation today!

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