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Avoid Root Canals With This New Dentist Technique!

Recent dental studies have suggested that by making a tiny cut on the tooth to damage the nerve root will cause the tooth to bleed, which then develops blood clots.
These blood clots then stimulate a blood supply to the infected tooth, which helps to regrow the nerves and effectively heal the tooth; without the need for a root canal.
This is currently being trialed at the University of Liverpool to gain conclusive evidence this new technique works effectively and safely.
If this technique proves to be successful, it will completely revolutionise root canal treatment.

How Does This New Procedure Work?

1st Visit
During the 1st visit the dentist will drill into the infected tooth and use an antibiotic paste to disinfect the canal.

2nd Visit
2 weeks later the patient will need to return for the second visit. Using a specific dental tool the dentist will carefully make tiny incisions to the root canal system until it starts to bleed.
The bleeding will then form a blood clot which has been seen to encourage the growth of new blood vessels. The blood vessels will boost the nutrient and oxygen supply to the tooth which in turn helps repair the pulp.
Exactly why this technique works has not been conclusively identified yet, but the early studies has proven it successful.
At the moment, the University of Liverpool are trialing this with 30 patients. 15 having traditional root canals and the other 15 having the new treatment.

Source: Mail Online

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