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Scared of the Dentist?

Being afraid of the dentist is very common and their is no need to be ashamed of your fear. We understand that traditionally visiting the dentist is not an experience to relish and can be mentally scarring for people which then causes them to not visit the dentist for many years!
Unfortunately by not attending regular dental appointments this can have a very dire consequence for a persons teeth as well as their oral health. The longer it is put off the higher the chance that there is a complication developing and it can reach a stage where a lot of dental work is required to alleviate any pain, symptoms or aesthetic problems. Which of course would be your worse nightmare if you are petrified of just visiting the dentist.

Testimonial 1

My lovely new smile for my sons wedding

Dear Faresh Desai and all staff that work at Ascent Dental Care Solihull,
I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! For my lovely new smile, I love it!! My smile is going to look fab for my sons wedding in April this year. My teeth whitening and new front cap have made such a difference to my face I can now smile with confidence. The customer service that I received was excellent, all your staff are extremely professional and very very friendly. I couldn’t fault anything at all!
I would normally feel nervous going to the dentist but instead my experience at Ascent Dental Care Solihull was a very relaxed and enjoyable one. I will gladly recommend your services to all my friends and family. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made to both my appearance and confidence. Take care and I will look forward to seeing you all for my check up in a few months time.

Kind Regards

Margaret T

How can I Beat My Dental Phobia?

Like all phobias you need to approach them head on and take things very slowly (at your own pace) whilst having the support network of your family and friends. We understand that a dental appointment can include many strange noises, smells, feelings and equipment which adds a lot of stress and tension to a persons well-being.
Our dentists have been trained to deal with all types of patients with the patients well-being, being the number 1 priority. Our friendly team of dentists, dental nurses, hygienists and dental professionals will all look after the patient to ensure they are alright at all times and any treatments are carried out at a pace to suit the persons needs.

Introducing Modern Painfree Dentistry

With modern dental treatments, techniques, training, and dental teams, practicing painfree dentistry is now a reality. By taking things slow and at the patients pace, the whole treatment is carefully controlled in a comfortable and relaxing environment. For patients that are unable to get past their initial fears, we also offer IV sedation on all treatments!

Testimonial 2

A Very Nervous Patient
I hadn’t been to the dentists for nearly 4 years, I was too scared. A rotten tooth and discomfort finally pushed me into having to find somewhere – but could I go through with it?.. I found this dentist on the web, saw the word ‘sedation’ mentioned and thought it might just be possible after all!
Taking a deep breath I called and the reception staff assured me that the dentist would only look in my mouth using a mirror at the initial assessment. Anyway, I finally found the courage from somewhere to go along accompanied by my partner. Everyone was so nice and very kind and the receptionist came to get me outside as I was too scared to wait in the waiting room. I gingerly perched on the edge of the couch listening to Faresh whilst feeling very sick. He only looked in my mouth with a mirror and talked to me for quite a while reassuring me. At no point whatsoever did he make me feel stupid for not visiting the dentists earlier and suggested that they did some x-rays only to see what was needed. Any treatment could be under sedation which was then explained in detail to me. I managed the x-rays and agreed to think about making ‘the appointment’. To cut a long story short, I made ‘the appointment’ and went through with it … scared but trying to think positive I lay back on the couch, was given a tiny injection in my arm, never feeling a thing and the next thing I can remember was getting out of the car with my partner back at home, having had 2 fillings, an extraction and a general clean and polish!
Everything that I was told was totally true, the staff were so kind and the process was completely painless and I could not remember a thing!… I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Faresh for your excellent service and customer care and would recommend you to anyone without hesitation…. and, for all you nervous patients out there… if I can do it… so can you… and you won’t remember a thing…

Previously a Nervous Patient

Jane W

p.s. – mouth healing up just fine – and thank you for your follow-up calls.

The First Step To Dental Health

If you are a very nervous patient and dread the thought of going to the dentist. Please call us to arrange your free consultation with one of our friendly considerate dentists. At the free consultation you will be able to explain your fears to the dentist and discuss the possibility of any treatments needed. Our dentist will examine your teeth and oral health and will only look with a mirror in your mouth and will explain everything they are doing.

We are a understanding team of dental professionals and will ensure your dental journey is comfortable, relaxing, not scary at all and even an enjoyable one!

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