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How do you treat premature gum disease?

What is premature Gum Disease?

Premature Gum Disease is when you spot early signs of gum disease developing, which will makes it considerably easier to treat and to prevent further complications!

How do you spot early signs of Gum Disease?

The most common symptoms you can have from developing gum disease are:

Sore, red, swollen or irritated gums
Bleeding gums (especially noticeable when brushing)

If you do experience any of these symptoms it is recommended that you go and visit your dentist for a check up, and they will be able to identify if you are indeed suffering from the early signs of gum disease.

How is premature Gum Disease treated?

If caught early on, gum disease will be considerably easier to treat than if it has gone to the advanced stages (which may even require a specialist periodontist).
The dentist or hygienist will thoroughly polish and clean your teeth to remove the build up of bacteria (plaque/tartar) which will prevent your gum disease developing into an advanced stage.

How can I prevent gum disease?

Gum Disease is caused by the build up of food debris and bacteria on your teeth, which will eventually turn into plaque and tartar that will attack and irritate your gums and teeth.
By practicing a healthy oral hygiene routine (brushing effectively twice a day and flossing) you will be taking an active approach into helping preventing any future gum problems.
(Please feel free to ask us what an effective oral hygiene routine is)
Please Note: You can still develop gum disease even if you do have a consistent and thorough oral hygiene routine, but the chances of developing this condition will have been dramatically reduced.
Attending the recommended 2 hygiene visits a year will provide a professional polish and clean (with dental tools that can remove tough plaque – that normal brushes cannot), as well as ensuring that you have excellent oral health.
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