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How To Look After Your Overdentures

How To Look After Your Overdentures | One Dental & Implant Clinic

Overdentures can easily be removed by the patient, and patients are advised to clean them on a regular basis.

Best Overdenture Cleaning Practice:

Clean your overdentures over a full sink of cool or warm water (never use hot it can ruin your overdentures)
Rinse your overdentures thoroughly, ensuring you remove all food particles
Apply your denture cleaning paste (do not use ordinary tooth paste, bleach, soap consult your One Dental Clinic dentist if unsure) on a moistened denture brush
Brush all surfaces of your Overdentures thoroughly (avoid heavy stiff bristled brushes)
Rinse your overdentures under the tap, removing any sign of the cleaning paste
Whilst sleeping, leave your overdentures soaking in a cleanser. Your One DentalClinic dentist will advise you on what to use
In the morning, brush your gums, tongue and palate with a soft-bristled regulartoothbrush to remove any built up plaque.
Re-insert your dentures
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