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Is Botulinum Toxin Safe?

Botulin Toxin is quite a widely debated topic and over the years it has seen a vast amount of media attention. One of the main questions being: is Botulin Toxin safe?. In short, Botulin is safe when the treatment is performed in a safe environment and carried out by a trained and certified cosmetic health professional (such as cosmetic dentists)

What does Botulinum Toxin do?

The Botulinum injections will temporarily weaken and paralyse the targeted muscles groups, which will give the patient wrinkle free skin, helping them to look younger and fresher.
Botulinum is only a temporary treatment, meaning that if a patient decides they do not want to continue using Botulinum injections, they can simply stop having them and after a few months the effects will wear off and the muscles will return to their usual state.

Why would I want Botulinum?

The main reasons patients are choosing Botulinum as their anti ageing treatment, is so they can look younger for longer, without having to go for the invasive treatment of plastic surgery.

Advantages of Botulinum

Look younger and take years off you!
Effects are reversible and patients can stop treatment at any time
Can be used to give you more fuller beautiful lips
Less invasive anti-ageing treatment to plastic surgery
Can be used to treat other problems such as excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Disadvantages of Botulinum

Patient will need to visit their cosmetic dentist every 3-6 months for top up injections (if they wish to continue treatment)
Botulinum is administered via needles which can put off squeamish patients
Side effects could occur (see below)

What else should I know about Botulinum?

Like all health treatments, there can be a chance your body may react differently and you may experience a side effect. Such side effects can include:

Even though there is a slight chance you may have a side effect, most of the effects will wear off after a few days and your cosmetic health provider will be on hand to help you with any negative effects it may have caused.

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