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High Quality Modern Orthodontics

With today’s technological advances in the dental industry, there are a now a number of good quality orthodontic treatments available to patients.

How do I know which braces treatment is best for me?

Each treatment has been designed to treat different teeth straightening problems you may encounter, and therefore the best treatment for you will be different from the next patient. We offer a free consultation where our dentist will examine your teeth and then explain all the available treatments, that are best suited for your exact needs.

6 Month Braces Before & After

We offer the latest in orthodontics treatments such as:

6 month smile
Damon Braces
and many more…

Invisalign Before & After

Modern orthodontic treatments have been designed to deliver the same excellent results of straight teeth, but to be a more enjoyable experience for the patient:

Does not affect your speech


“My brace was removed after 13 painless months of treatment, 1 month to go before the wedding. I cried tears of happiness when I saw my perfectly straight teeth, and I can honestly say that the treatment was worth it. My teeth had straightened and my face had also changed. For the first time in my life I felt beautiful.
Kelli Hopton”

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