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Dentists who specialise in nervous patients in Birmingham

At our Solihull (Birmingham) based dental practice, we have a highly trained and skilled dental team who are qualified to deal with nervous patients and patients who are afraid of the dentist. We offer a relaxing and comfortable environment that will help aid the patients comfort and well being during their chosen treatment.

Our dentist, Dr Faresh Desai has had special training in treating nervous patients and is even a dental phobia certified dentist.

We understand that visiting the dentist may not be one of the most relished of experiences and there is a lot of bad stigma associated to visiting the dentist. We are pleased to offer a modern dental practice that leaves patients with not only a smile, but actually to have enjoyed the experience and to gladly book their next appointment.
Read our amazing testimonials:

A Very Nervous Patient

“I hadn’t been to the dentists for nearly 4 years, I was too scared. A rotten tooth and discomfort finally pushed me into having to find somewhere – but could I go through with it?.. I found this dentist on the web, saw the word ‘sedation’ mentioned and thought it might just be possible after all!. Taking a deep breath I called and the reception staff assured me that the dentist would only look in my mouth using a mirror at the initial assessment. Anyway, I finally found the courage from somewhere to go along accompanied by my partner. Everyone was so nice and very kind and the receptionist came to get me outside as I was too scared to wait in the waiting room.
I gingerly perched on the edge of the couch listening to Faresh whilst feeling very sick. He only looked in my mouth with a mirror and talked to me for quite a while reassuring me. At no point whatsoever did he make me feel stupid for not visiting the dentists earlier and suggested that they did some x-rays only to see what was needed. Any treatment could be under sedation which was then explained in detail to me. I managed the x-rays and agreed to think about making ‘the appointment’.To cut a long story short, I made ‘the appointment’ and went through with it …scared but trying to think positive I lay back on the couch, was given a tiny injection in my arm, never feeling a thing and the next thing I can remember was getting out of the car with my partner back at home, having had 2 fillings, an extraction and a general clean and polish!.. Everything that I was told was totally true, the staff were so kind and the process was completely painless and I could not remember a thing!… I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Faresh for your excellent service and customer care and would recommend you to anyone without hesitation…. and, for all you nervous patients out there… if I can do it… so can you… and you won’t remember a thing… Previously a Nervous Patient
p.s. – mouth healing up just fine – and thank you for your follow-up calls.
Jane Westing”

6 Month Braces Before & After – Very Nervous Patient!

“I can recommend to anyone who has a fear to call Ascent Dental Care Solihull.
I feel after my excellent treatment by your company and staff I must take the time to right this Testimonial! I had not visited a dentist for over 20 years and my teeth were beginning to cause me a constant problem!! After having constant tooth ache for weeks I decided I had to do something. But what I was terrified of the dentist After bad experience of National Health as a child!So I went on line looked into frightened of Dentist. Up popped Ascent Dental Care Solihull. Sceptically I clicked on and read about them.They looked very professional and had very good testimonials about Sedation Treatment This seemed perfect for me if I could get courage to go!! I plucked up courage and called them left a message as it was weekend. First thing Monday morning a very gentle understanding voice called me. I was put at ease right away not made too feel silly about my phobia but completely the opposite like it was most normal thing
the world. I explained my problems and fears they asked if I would like to come in just for a chat. I agreed to go that day while feeling brave. When I arrived they made me feel so at ease spoke down stairs explained everything. Then asked if I thought I could go upstairs to see dentist!Again when I went up was made to feel so at ease all instruments were covered up sat on a settee and chatted to him. After a while a had enough courage to be examined. My problems were explained clearly to me along with suggested treatment they totally assured me I would feel nothing and be ok. They followed up initial appointment with a lovely friendly phone call asking if I had any further question or concerns. I made appointment for treatment and went along with a friend at a time to suit me.I was a bit nervous but seeing same people again and with there re assurances we started treatment telling me that we could stop anytime I wanted. The next thing I remember was being in car going home smiling and laughing no pain.
My tooth ache had gone I had no memory of treatment it was amazing wish I had done months before. After care was excellent follow up call to see if ok check up excellent too. I know have joined there dentist plan going 4 times a year for check ups and cleaning also tooth whitening .
I can recommend to anyone who has a fear to call Ascent Dental Care Solihull just go and see them you will be Amazed. Regards,
Laurence Hicks”

STb Lingual Braces Before & After

“Procedure was Pleasant and not Painful
It took me a while to make the step to finally phone your clinic to make the appointment. I was very nervous coming in the first time and even the second time I was a bit scared. Everyone has been very kind and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure was pleasant and not painful at all. I would like to thank everyone in the clinic for their kindness and work.
Eva Wind”

“Reassured with Sedation – “Brilliant”
Brilliant- thanks to the team at Ascent Dental Care Solihull, I have been able to sit in the dentists chair without shaking for the first time in years….to say that I am terrified if anything to do with dental treatment is the understatement of a lifetime. However, desperation about some real discomfort in my much-neglected mouth led me (earlier this year) to Google terrified of dentists. The link took me straight to their website and the Nervous Patient page! What I read there was reassuring- the website is easy to navigate and the information clear, straightforward and open. Impressive is the fact that there was a telephone response to my Email enquiry within just 20 minutes! Initial visits to the clinic were an equally pleasant experience- starting with the fact that everyone in the team gave the impression (for the first time in my experience) that my anxieties are quite understandable and not in the least odd in any way.
Dr Gursh Bajwa seemed to understand instinctively- he made assessments, took X-rays and was able to explain the procedures required and the options available in the most straightforward and kindly way. Not only did he assure me that pain is not on the agenda in the 21st century, but he explained clearly and patiently how the sedation he recommended would work-this was my lifeline.Treatment was to involve what seemed like a massive amount of work on three teeth- including crowns and some root-canal work. When the time came for my first (of several) visits for treatment I was very nervous indeed and had to keep some of Dr Bajwa’s words very firmly in my head in order to make myself enter the building. However, once inside, the friendliness of the staff and the environment (including some anaesthetic injection equally so- but it is not just that… the kindness of Dr Gursh Bajwa and the whole team makes a real difference. Nothing was rushed, everyone was extremely patient with me and the follow up telephone calls, and the way they were handled, was something I appreciated very much.I now have three crowns that feels and behave like my own teeth used to- thank you!
Patricis Dollins”

Please read more of our amazing testimonials!
We understand that some patients will still be extremely hesitant/anxious about dental treatments, even with a relaxing and calming environment. We have undergone IV (intravenous) sedation training and have a number of dentists who specialise in nervous patients in Birmingham and we can gladly offer IV sedation to any patients who would rather be under for the treatment.
We are very proud to say we are dentists who specialise in dealing with nervous patients in Birmingham and the surrounding areas – Don’t be afraid to call us today to arrange your free consultation!

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