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A 6 Month Smiles Braces Case Update

The patient in questions is a 36 year old male who came to our clinic because he was unhappy with how crooked his upper teeth were. He had originally intended on getting his teeth straightened as a teenager, but due to a bad experience he had he decided not to proceed with the treatment.
Now around 20 years on he decided it was finally time to correct this problem he has hated for so long. He was very nervous as he had left it so late and really didn’t want the stigma associated with braces as an adult. He attended the clinic interested in the invisible aligner option we offer – Invisalign. Unfortunately due to the complexity of his case, he was not a suitable candidate for invisalign and we had to discuss alternate treatments with him, such as 6 month braces. He was happy to go ahead with the 6 month braces as they would straighten his teeth and he had the option to go ahead with the clear ceramic brackets which would make the treatment much for discrete, allowing him to continue with his every day social/professional life.

This was the patients teeth before we started treatment:

After 13 Weeks with 6 month braces you can already see a considerable difference in the patients teeth. He is very pleased with the progress so far and can’t wait to fully complete his treatment:

This patient has another 2/3 months before his treatment is complete but he has on several occasions expressed his delight with the progress of the braces already and the fact he finally decided to make the decision and go ahead with treatment.

It’s Never Too Late

Age doesn’t have to be a factor in stopping you get the dental care you deserve. We treat many different adult patients for many different treatments and with modern dental techniques, we are able to make the treatments as comfortable and discrete as possible!
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