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All You Need To Know Regarding Teeth Whitening

Your teeth will naturally discolour with age. This process is exacerbated by the consumption of red wine, tea and coffee. If you are a smoker, it will worsen the problem. In the event that you suffer from this problem, you should contact your dentist regarding teeth whitening Solihull.
The methods used for this procedure are simple and safe. The level of whitening that you can achieve will vary from one person to another. The level of whiteness will also be determined by the method that is chosen for the process.
It is possible for the whitening procedure to be done at the dental practice. The procedure will normally last for about an hour. This process can achieve several shades of whitening. If you have severely stained teeth, this procedure will be able to return them to a natural shade.
During the process your gums and lips will have to be covered. A gel will then be applied directly to the teeth. Your dentist will place a special light over them, causing activation of the gel. Once the gel is active, it will start to penetrate, thus causing the discoloration and the stains to break up. This will allow you to have that bright smile you desire.
There are home treatment plans available for this procedure. Your practitioner will take impressions of both your upper and lower teeth. Models of these impressions will be made by a dental technician. Finally custom made trays will be made based on the models prepared. These trays will fit exactly over your teeth which will stop the gel from leaking out onto your gums as this might cause gum damage. Once you have the trays, you can place the gel into it and should wear these for about two hours every day. It will normally take about ten to twenty nights of wear to achieve the desired results.
You can achieve excellent results with either of these teeth whitening Solihull methods. The results you achieve will last for a period up to two years. This period depends upon your habits of tea, wine and coffee consumption, as well as whether you are a smoker or not.

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