Amalgam Fillings Removal Treatment
in Solihull

What Are Amalgam Fillings?

Amalgam Fillings used to be the traditional method of filling cavities in your teeth. Not only were they not aesthetically pleasing (silver/metal) but they also contained the chemical element Mercury (which can potentially pose a long term dental health risk).

We are able to safely remove and dispose of the amalgam fillings and replace them with natural tooth coloured composite fillings.

Mrs C

Absolutely delighted with my treatment & results. I am so pleased that I did my research and chose to have my treatment with Girsh at Ascent in Dorridge. My case was not straightforward and the solution he designed was thoughtful and practical. I am genuinely thrilled with the results and would recommend to anyone.

Should I Have My
Amalgam Fillings

There are advantages and disadvantages with this traditional method of filling:


  • Strong
  • Cheaper than other alternatives


  • Theres a chances of them expanding with age and cracking your teeth
  • Protective seal can fade away, which may cause them to start to decay
  • Can cause tooth discolouration (gray marks)
  • Fillings don’t match your tooth colour
  • Contains mercury
  • Healthy parts of your tooth may require to be removed to create a large enough space for an amalgam filling
  • Some patients may be alergic to the amalgam material
Hannah Beahan

As someone with an extreme fear of everything dental, I can’t recommend Ascent enough. All of the staff are the most knowledgeable, loveliest, most patient people. The service is amazing and the fees are really reasonable. After 20 years of dentist hopping and emergency treatment, I finally feel I am on the road to overcoming my fears. Actually excited for the next part of my dental plan!

Before & After

White Fillings

This patient had a large silver metal filling which created a dark shadow on the outside of the tooth. This was replaced with a white filling to improve the strength and aesthetics of this tooth.

White Fillings

This patient came to us with a failing silver filling. Alongside this they were also unhappy with the appearence of the filling. It was replaced with a white filling material to restore the tooth back to health and improve the cosmetic look of the tooth.

Video testimonials


Oh No!

When nervous patient Sue broke a filling, she was understandably a little nervous about having it repaired. Mandeep to the rescue!


No More Nerves

Let’s face it—no one loves having fillings. So treatment with Mandeep was a breath of fresh air for Rebecca.

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