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White Science – Teeth Whitening Paste

White Science Tooth Whitening Paste

White Science Tooth Paste

What is White Science

White Science is a multi-action whitening tooth paste that uses a unique formula to remove stains and whiten teeth. White Science is an alcohol-free tooth paste that will leave your mouth minty fresh and with a cooling pleasing sensation.

White Science whitens your teeth with a mild abrasive that breaks the surface tension of stains – allowing for a natural whitening agent to remove stains from the tooth enamel.

White Science Key Elements

White Science uses a dynamic combination of ingredients that have been formulated to provide total care for your teeth – whilst whitening them!

  • Teeth Whitening – The main ingredients of White Science (dicalcium phosphate and hydrated silica) have been clinically proven to effectively remove stains and plaque
  • Stain Releasing Action – White Science uses a natural enzyme (papaya) to break down film on the teeth – which allows other elements of the toothpaste to release and cleanse stains
  • Cleansing – The mild abrasive of White Science (dicalcium phosphate) works like scrubbers to remove the stains released by the papya extract

The RRP for White Science Tooth Paste is: £15

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