Missing teeth can be naturally and securely replaced with dental implants. Each implant case will vary from patient to patient, for example, from a simple single tooth implant to a severe case that requires a full lower/upper arch to be replaced.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best treatment and care to our patients, with special emphasis on their well being and happiness. Before a dental implant case begins, we carry out a comprehensive full case assessment to ensure each aspect of the implant placement is clinically and professionally planned.

Our Promise To You

  • You will be treated by a highly skilled & experienced dental surgeon who has been trained by one of the UK recognised associations
  • Our dentists are all registered with the General Dental Council (UK)
  • Our dentists are members of the Royal College of Surgeons & the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners
  • We are associated with the International Team for Implantology (ITI)
  • We are members of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI)
  • We only treat patients with Internationally recognised & proven implant systems

We are committed to providing the best treatment for you and our free consultation aims to thoroughly assess your needs and deliver a plan of treatment that is easy to understand, transparent and well explained.

Multiple dental implants with an overdenture attached

Your Consultation will consist of:

  • Detailed consultation/assessment with our experienced dental implants surgeon
  • In depth Information on dental implants that is easy to understand and well explained
  • A suitability assessment on your current dental health (checking your teeth & gums)
  • X-rays to check the bone quality/density (very important to the success of implants)
  • If required, a CT scan will need to be arranged so we can use a virtual 3D image of your jaw to plan the placement of implants
  • Clearly written treatment plan to follow after the consultation, which will list all of the discussed proposed treatments, including the length of time and costs (no hidden fees)
  • Affordable payment options to help break up the overall cost of treatment – 0% & low interest finance (subject to status)

Before and after - Single Dental Implant

Some time ago I had to replace my ill fitting full lower denture. The denture I had at the time needed fixing in place before every meal and even then would compete with my food, very often winning. I gave the matter a great deal of thought and decided that my quality of life was important to me and did not relish always having this problem. I had read a great deal about dental implants and decided to ask more about the procedure, how long it took and of course, how much it would cost. An enquiry later got me a phone call from a dental practice in Dorridge, One Dental Clinic, An appointment for an examination was made and I arrived, with some trepidation I might add, and was seen by Dr. Faresh Desai.

My fears left me as soon as we met, I felt completely at ease and he explained the whole procedure to me. No further encouragement was needed I said ‘OK let’s do it’. I have, over my life, been to many dental practices, but this particular practice seemed different somehow and that became more so as the appointments came and went. They listen, all of them. The date of the implant surgery came, but instead of feeling apprehensive I felt excited. I sat down, was sedated, which was brilliant and I woke to find it had all finished. Kevin Thomas is the Clinical Dental Technician who teams up with Faresh to produce amazing dentures, the sort that you forget are in the mouth. A couple of months later came ‘fitting’ day and it was an exciting experience. Working together, Faresh prepared my implants to accept the newly worked denture by Kevin, nothing was overlooked. It was an experience like no other with regard to denture wearing. I am totally satisfied with the end result and would highly recommend this clinic and the team who look after you completely. Well done you guys!


Peter R (aged 82 3/4)