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Dental Implants Gallery

One Dental Clinics before and after Dental Implant images

Bone graft followed by a single implant

Before and after - Single Dental Implant

The patient had lost his upper left central incisor following an accident. A bone graft procedure was carried out to replace the missing/damaged bone followed by an implant restored with a porcelain crown.

Multiple implants with a 4 unit porcelain bridge

Before and after - Multiple Dental Implants

The patient was unhappy with the appearance of his teeth and was keen to replace his partial denture with implants. We removed the decay and provided tooth coloured fillings. 3 dental implants were placed in the anterior and a 4 unit porcelain bridge that matched his natural tooth colour was fitted.

Dental Implant retained Denture

Dental Implant retained denture

The patient was unhappy with her current denture which was worn down and uncomfortable. We successfully placed two implants in the lower jaw and securely attached a denture.

Four upper and two lower implants – Overdentures attached

Multiple dental implants with an overdenture attached

This patient had unfortunately lost the majority of his teeth and was very concerned about his appearance. 6 implants were placed with an overdenture securely attached.

Porcelain Bridge on 2 Implants – Followed by Porcelain Veneers

Multiple dental implants before and after 2

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of the teeth following childhood trauma. 3 upper incisor teeth were removed and replaced with a porcelain bridge on 2 implants, followed by porcelain veneers to improve the overall aesthetics.

Four implants – Overdenture

Multiple dental implants before and after 3

This patient suffered from gum disease affecting the upper teeth and wore an upper partial denture. The upper teeth were removed and 4 implants placed following Ct scan planning. The implants were splinted together with a bar and an overdenture was provided.

Single Implant with a porcelain crown

Single dental implants before and after 1

Patient requested a fixed option for the missing upper right incisor which was restored with a bridge. An implant was placed and restored with a porcelain crown and a porcelain veneer on the upper left lateral incisor.


overdentures before and after patients 4

This elderly gentleman was very upset with his previous unsecure denture. Our dental technician Kevin custom made his denture which was then securely fitted to dental implants to give him a full and functional mouth.

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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