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STb Lingual Braces

STb Lingual Braces

Orthodontic Programme includes:

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  • STb Lingual Braces
  • Free Teeth Whitening
  • Cosmetic Recontouring
  • Retainers

What Are STb Lingual Braces?

STb lingual are an advanced brace that uses comfortable low profile (1.5mm) brackets to deliver superior results in quicker treatment times.

Whilst wearing the brace their will be barely any impact on your speech and tongue position, allowing for greater comfort throughout treatment.

Whats The Best Bit?

STb lingual are a truly discrete teeth straightening fixed braces option which are bonded to the backs of your teeth and are completely invisible to other people (unless you tell them!).

The brackets and wires that will be used in the treatment are also 100% customised for your teeth, meaning it will be a more comfortable and enjoyable experience opposed to the traditional metal braces on the fronts of your teeth.

Before and after - STb Lingual braces

Are STb Lingual Braces Suitable For Me?

Like all the brace systems we offer, some are more suited to cases than others. STb lingual can be a suitable option for:

  • Overcrowding
  • Twisted Teeth
  • Gaps Between Teeth

STb can often be a good choice for patients who are after treatments such as Invisalign (clear aligners), but require a strong fixed brace option!

Before and after - STb Lingual braces

How Do STb Lingual Braces Work?

STb has been designed with comfort in mind and has less friction than other braces, whilst using light forces to move the teeth. The combination of light forces and low friction have been proven to be very effective at straightening teeth.

Before and after - STb Lingual braces

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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