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Insignia Braces

Insignia Braces

Orthodontic Programme includes:

  • Free Consultation
  • Insignia Braces
  • Free Teeth Whitening
  • Cosmetic Recontouring
  • Retainers

What are Insignia Braces?

Insignia is state of the art computer imaging software which can be used alongside treatments such as Damon (Clear/Metal) and Ice Clear braces to 100% tailor make the brackets and wires specifically to your case.

Orthodontic cases will vary from patient to patient and there can be hundreds of different variations and movements which will make your specific case unique to you. By using the Insignia software, an exact 3d model of your teeth will be created on the computer, which allows us to custom fabricate your braces to the exact prescription.

This is a revolutionary treatment as the custom made brackets are 100% suited to your needs and quite often, treatment times will be considerably shorter than conventional braces.

Insignia Software used on a damon braces patient

Why would I Want To Have Braces and Insignia?

The Insignia treatment programme has been designed with the patients comfort and well being in mind. Each movement is carefully and precisely calculated before treatment has even begun. There are fewer office visits and the treatment is suitable for teen’s who want to be out of braces quickly, and equally for adults and their hectic lives.

Some of the afflictions or problems you may want correcting could include:

  • Wonky/Uneven Teeth
  • Over/Under/Cross Bites
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • Teeth Protrusions

How Long Is The Insignia Treatment Programme?

This will depend solely on how severe your case is. However, Insignia treatments can be up to 25-40% quicker than traditional braces. At the free consultation the dentist will be able to give you a more accurate treatment completion time.

Before and after - Damon Braces 7

What is the Insignia Braces treatment plan?

After your initial free consultation and you have decided to go ahead with the insignia treatment plan, the treatment will consist of a few stages:

  • Impressions of your teeth will be taken
  • We will use the 3D software to create the custom made braces and wires to fit your teeth and bite perfectly (the patient will be able to see the 3D representation of their teeth to see the end result before they even undertake the treatment)
  • The Insignia Braces will be fitted to the patient
  • Follow up checkups will take place to monitor the progress (not as regular as conventional braces can be every 10 weeks instead of 4)

Please Note: A retainer may still be needed to wear after treatment, but isn’t always required

Before and after - Damon Braces 8

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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